The Forerunner of Thames Valley Air Ambulance International

The Forerunner of Thames Valley Air Ambulance International

Initially, Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance were organizations formed to provide emergency medical services. This organization has a goal in helping many people in medical matters in the form of Air Ambulance services by having pick-up areas in several South East England districts.

Being present in the community with a wider reach for hospital pick-up services at a considerable distance from home. Initially one of the helicopters with responsibility for charity could only operate at night, the Eurocopter EC135. This helicopter has the purpose of transporting the medical team as well as a doctor in it.

The task of starting to help many people in saving lives is a blessing given by this organization. Became famous in 2018, broadcast through television channel four by deploying a medical helicopter unit, since then air ambulances began to appear in other countries.

Of course, the air ambulance has a purpose and a working concept that is the same as an ambulance in general. It differs in the type of vehicle to be used in transporting people with fatal diseases because more serious treatment must be carried out immediately. The development of this ambulance was due to the increasing number of diseases occurring in a village with a considerable distance from the hospital.

Air Ambulance 24 Hours

Thames Valley Air Ambulance 24 Hours Emergency Service

To meet the needs of the community, the Thames Valley Air Ambulance has responded that it is ready to be assigned 24 hours non-stop. The phrase is reaffirmed to fly the pick-up mission 197 times in Milton, Keynes. Thames Valey Air Ambulance provides participation to provide assistance to every patient who has a chronic illness.

The organization tasked with providing assistance to each team of paramedics, doctors, and pilots with special training. From 2019 to 2019 this service grew rapidly to 1497 users. It is certain that more than 20% of these calls are given voluntarily because of a heart attack.

The next highest peak is in calls for help due to accidental injuries. This organization provides assistance to more than 400 calls from traffic accidents in helping many people cope with their suffering. Of course, many have asked for help from the Thames Valley Air Ambulance as a practical way to get to the hospital. Therefore, with this major development, air ambulance is increasingly entering the medical world.

Usually, this ambulance accommodation is given to an attack that results in personal injury and related injuries in the field of sports. Of course, it can be seen Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire experienced a drastic decline that can be seen at charity events this year. The decline in the number of calls is due to a new virus that has attacked in recent years.

Ambulance Transport Services Helping the Public

Of course, as an organization engaged in the medical field, Thames Valley Air Ambulance also provides assistance. To provide assistance with the first quarantine, this Air ambulance assigned some of its staff to the John Radcliffe hospital establishment in Oxford very ready to provide rapid transportation services to assist the many patients with special care.

Amanda McLean, as one of the chief executives of this new type of ambulance, commented:

“If we want to start another national lockdown, everyone will press the people who have government guidelines. In tackling the risk of infection, it can provide assistance to hospitals and other health services. To provide assistance to all the community is extra careful with many things that allow for an error to occur. We take each patient to the hospital felt by a patient. In the past year, this has never happened because it was caused by a virus with a new mutation.”

Doctor Stewart McMoran, medical director with duty at Thames Valley Air Ambulance, also responded to a call from a more serious incident. Working in full PPE will present a new challenge and greater difficulty. We are willing to endure everything from the emotional as well as the physical. Maintained communication between us will be able to provide a sense of calm to every patient using our services. PPE is certainly very important in the containment of many viruses, but many other barriers must be overcome in providing the best possible care.

Therefore, we must also continue to provide the best service to every community in order to create strength in life together. Hopefully, we can always help whatever the problem is!

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