Thames Valley Air Ambulance Medical Mandatory Equipment

You may still be confused about what items to use when boarding a Thames Valley Air Ambulance helicopter, right? Maybe there are still many who have the opinion that wanting to go to the hospital by using an air ambulance is allowed. Of course, the standards that have been set must be adhered to. An ambulance is an accommodation that is used to pick up and deliver a patient to the hospital.

In maintaining security when boarding an ambulance, of course there are several safety things that must be worn. What’s more, a pick-up crew and medical team would have to be sterile to leave. But will you know that to become a Thames Valley Air Ambulance medical crew, there are many health protocols that must be used to prevent the spread of disease.

In carrying out this noble task, you must first know the important things in using it. But it can’t be underestimated, the work carried out by the crew and the ambulance medical team is an important factor that must go well. All routines must be carried out openly with many adjustments in the medical world

When a medical crew wears non-sterile clothing, of course, there can be the transmission of the virus to the patient is picked up. To minimize this, all the best factors must be carried out so that they can protect and save many human lives from all dangerous diseases. It is undeniable that this important thing is an important factor. What should you wear? Let’s get straight to the discussion.

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Thames Valley Air Ambulance Crew With Sterile Clothing

As a Thames Valley Air Ambulance crew, of course, there are important things that must be worn in flight. As a means of transporting patients, of course, every piece of clothing used must contain the correct procedures. This is due to the susceptibility of transmitting a disease to accident victims or patients. Proper handling must be observed every time you want to board an air ambulance. What is the equipment? Let’s go straight to the topic of our discussion this time :

  • Medical Special Gloves
    As a medical professional in dealing with accidents, it is very important to use gloves which have the main purpose of preventing the spread of the virus. When bad bacteria enter the wound, it could be that other diseases will come. Therefore, the use of medical gloves is indispensable for the benefit of the medical crew on duty.
  • Face mask
    As a step to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, of course, taking care of patients and staff is very important. The use of medical masks can help minimize the spread of disease due to invisible objects that can interfere with the absorption of wounds and disease.
  • Complete PPE Clothing
    PPE clothing is a garment with the aim of warding off disease from the patient being treated. Of course, the use of these clothes can help the medical team save themselves from diseases that will attack.
  • In-flight Medical Devices
    As a medical team, equipment is very important to provide anticipation for problems experienced by patients. Of course, the presence of these medical devices can help patients or victims become more comfortable when traveling. One of the important items in the plane is an oxygen cylinder which when an accident occurs it will be difficult to breathe.

The Right Way To Give First Aid In An Accident

The right steps in providing first aid in the event of an accident must be known. With the right way can definitely help many lives. In times of urgency, accident victims must be treated seriously so that there is no propagation of injury to a victim. at the time of an accident there are several things you need to be very careful about the victim.

In the first step, it is very important to observe first about the surrounding environment. Know the cause of the accident so that it can be helped properly. When you have found the condition, the next step is to pay attention to the level of consciousness of the victim. Usually a person who has an accident can lose consciousness. If it’s too heavy then the right step you have to pat the shoulder or give oil with a pungent aroma.


The next step you can see the respiratory condition of the victim and the injuries suffered. While waiting for help from the medical team, it’s a good idea to check the victim first. Pay attention to the wounds suffered after the accident so as not to bleed.

The next step is when a victim experiences loss of consciousness, the appropriate step is to provide chest compressions. To help the heart cavity work to pump oxygen, do this so that the victim can breathe easily again. Of course it will be very helpful for a medic to avoid delays in other damage.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance Caring for Critical Section

Maybe talking about blood can make your knees weaker, but the Thames Valley Air Ambulance doesn’t just apply to many people with other thoughts about blood. A picture of an accident can scare a lot of people, can’t it? The idea obtained from this can be taken as a lesson to make an accident can be melted down.

As a doctor, of course, you have duties and responsibilities for emergency medicine before arriving at the hospital. It’s not enough to end there, by getting used to doing work with blood, many things are more dazzling with emergency things in order to make

thames valley air ambulance

On a day where blood donation is done by most of the states in the world. Much more time to give learning about polishing the curiosity about blood. Maybe there are some facts that you as a Thames Valley Air Ambulance medical team should know by many people. What are those things? Let’s discuss it together so that it can become a science.

Important Facts About Thames Valley Air Ambulance

In becoming a medic, Thames Valley Air Ambulance certainly has many interesting facts that must be known. In gathering, storage is absolutely vital which must be understood before descending directly into a medical expert. What are some important facts? Let’s get straight to the discussion :

  • Blood on the Plane
    Don’t you think, every day many medical teams meet patients who are seriously ill? Of course, a lot of people need blood transfusions. That is definitely the most important item to have in a rescue helicopter. The medical team also brought plasma to help and relieve pain from bleeding.
  • Types of all humans
    Maybe many programs broadcast your favorite television program with many partners or friends. Many of you have seen how a patient needs a lot of blood to heal. At this point, the specific blood group where O is negative is chameleon-type blood. This blood can be used by various bodies and is well received.
  • Cold-blooded is not a human trait
    The average normal temperature of a human being is 37 degrees Celsius, if someone has a body temperature like that, it means taking a bath using hot water. For blood storage itself is 38 degrees which is part of the extension method for vehicles
  • Fresh Blood Intake
    As usual, you might imagine blood has a lifespan of up to 72 hours at the time of delivery. At that time the delivery assistant will come in, if they do the delivery to the hospital will be sponsored usually rent every day to ensure a supply of fresh blood ready to use.
  • Patients provide Assistance
    With people’s enthusiasm about the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, many people take part in mass blood donation events every month. This is good for health as well as for fellow human beings.
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Advantages of Using Air Ambulance During Accident

Maybe air transportation has become one of the many transportations in supporting many cases. In the medical world, of course, everything must be supported by fast and capable performance in all fields. That’s because life is a big bet that can be the most important risk. Therefore, many still have to be aware that air transportation is one of the great examples of the progress of an era.

The speed of a medium for delivering accident victims can make many accident victims more secure. The intensity of the performance provided fosters a power to create safety for many people in the world. More precisely, the rescue of accident victims must be done immediately so as not to lose a lot of blood. Therefore, the importance of Air Ambulance is very important and the benefits are extraordinary.

It can be ascertained as soon as possible, many people still do not know about the benefits of the importance of this means of transport in life in big cities. When traffic jams hit, surely the victims who were brought could be even worse. With the anti-jam transportation by air, it will certainly be easier and more practical to carry out this noble task. The life of a patient is the main thing that must be in hand as soon as possible.

So it can be concluded, the convenience of modern means of transportation can help life practically. It will surely save many people by the extraordinary performance of the medical team who are working diligently in the rescue work in the world. Of course, a lot of praise has come in from this charity with many people helping more and more in need.