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Toner cartridges

Recycling Procedures for Inkjet and Toner Cartridges

Toner and inkjet cartridges are recycled on behalf of the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust by Accutecc UK Ltd which is part of Kores Nordic (GB) Ltd, one of the world’s leading remanufacturers of printer consumables. The process of collection is as follows:

Accutecc can provide four types of container for your recycled items:

    1. Floor standing inkjet collection bin (holds up to 75 cartridges)
    2. Floor standing Toner collections bin
    3. Freepost Envelopes (for 2 inkjet cartridges)
    4. Desktop inkjet collection bin (for up to 20 cartridges)

These are delivered flat packed (in the case of the bins) in the quantity required.

To order any of these items you should call Accutecc direct on:
Tel: 01279 401403 or 401306, Fax: 01279 435397 or 437638 or e-mail

You should advise them at this time that you wish the value of the cartridges collected to go to Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance.

Whenever you require a collection of items 1 and 2 you should call the number above and arrange for collection again advising them that you wish the proceeds to come to us. They will give you a unique reference number which you should write on each box together with the wording “Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance”.

For item 3 you just need to pop the cartridges in the envelope and write our name on the bottom right hand side of the white address label before putting it in the postbag.

For item 4 you will receive a freepost plastic envelope with the container. Once the container is full just pop it in the envelope, write our name on the front of the collection box next to the wording “Do your bit RECYCLE IT!” and put it in the postbag.

Please note that only certain cartridges will be paid for. You can check particular types with the Accutecc web site (this only works with certain browsers). We have put a list of cartridges suitable for recycling on this site. Note that we do not get paid unles the value of cartridges sent in at one time exceeds £10.

If you have any queries on the process please contact Office Manager, John Kingham on 01628 511690

Please note that because of storage restrictions we are no longer able to accept toner cartridges for recycling at the Grove Park office, and therefore we cannot collect them ourselves in Berkshire. You should liaise directly with Accutecc if possible. Cartridges will still be accepted at Aylesbury.

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