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The Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance is supported solely by voluntary donations and sponsorship by local organisations and individuals, and by fundraising activities. It is not funded by the NHS except for the time of the paramedics, and it does not qualify for National Lottery grants. It is the function of the Trust to raise the necessary funds to keep the Air Ambulance flying seven days a week.

funds pie chart

The pie chart shows how the funds are used. The cost of generating funds includes lottery prizes and purchase of promotional items. The charity costs include the salaries of a small number of permanent staff and office expenses. The largest cost is of course the operation of the helicopter. We need to raise £100,000 every month just to keep the helicoppter in the air. The surplus is needed to build up a reserve of at least one year’s operating costs so that we can lease a larger aircraft, the Eurocopter EC135, which will enable us to transport two patients or a patient and a relative. Although the Bo105 could carry two stretchers in practice the amount of equipment that needs to be carried precludes this.

Our current Bo105 helicopter was built in 1979 and must come out of service soon because it will be uneconomic to modify it to meet new EU regulations. Therefore it is essential that we build up a sufficient reserve as soon as possible, and that we increase our income to meet the higher leasing costs.

There are many ways in which we raise money, some of which are listed below. More details can be found on the linked pages and forms.

You can now donate through, and if you are organising a fundraising event, getting sponsorship or sponsoring a friend, just follow the raise money link.

We have a helicopter fuselage on a trailer which can be used as an attraction at shows, fêtes, street collections, etc.

The pie chart below shows our principal sources of income for the year ended 30th September 2006. Recycling includes mobile phones, inkjet and toner cartridges. Legacies and donations via undertakers represent a small proportion of our income at present because the charity has not been in existence for long. Donations and Grants include street collections, collecting boxes, sponsorship and the open gardens scheme. Other includes interest and the WhirlyKidz scheme. Every penny is important!

sources of income

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